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Before we decided to settle in Palau Sardegna and take over Nautilus Diving Center a Padi dive center and scuba dive in Sardinia Palau on the beautiful island of Sardinia Italy. We spent most of our scuba diving career in tropical remote countries around the world, you may want to check out Worldwide diving tips for more details. You may also like to read some News & Articles about Nautilus Diving Center.

When based in South East Asia we built wonderful relationships with different cultures. We gained an amazing experience in life and in diving and after spending many years working around the world in different diving centers it was time to return to Europe to be closer to our family in the UK, Amalfi coast and Switzerland. We searched high and low in the Mediterranean, then we eventually scuba dived in Sardinia Italy. We were amazed. We had found a wonderful place here in Palau Sardinia, a real jewel in the Mediterranean. We were blown away when we saw the richness of the underwater world surrounding Palau and La Maddalena and fell in love instantly with the beautiful wild landscape of Sardinia and her people.

We took over the well established Nautilus Diving Center a Padi dive center Sardinia which is located right in the center of the seaside village of Palau in north Sardinia. From there we can enjoy the beauty of more than 40 dive sites in the Marine Parks of La Maddalena and Lavezzi located on the door step of Palau.

  • As an authorized PADI 5* Gold Palm and BSAC dive resort we also offer the whole range of scuba diving courses from beginner to professional level as well as the PADI technical diving courses.
  • At the dive center we also have all the facilities for Nitrox dives and Underwater Digital Photography.
  • We are proud to announce that Nautilus Diving Center has been Award by PADI Europe for the Most Successful IRRA Member in PADI eLearning Education method for Italy.


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Underwater photography is becoming much more accessible to divers. Many things have changed as the digital age has come upon us.

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