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Octopus Palau Sardinia Italy



(all the prices listed below for diving, diving package, rental, diving courses are PER person)

Two tanks dive in Marine Park of La Maddalena & Lavezzi, incl. weights, refreshment, guide€ 110.00
One tank dive Marine Park of La Maddalena & Lavezzi, incl. tank, weights, guide€   75.00
Adventure Dive (1x dive of the Advanced Course)€ 100.00
Refresher Dive (by boat, incl. eqpt rental)€ 115.00
Non Diver€   40.00
Nitrox Fill (32%)€    6.00

DIVING PACKAGES (incl. tank, weights, guide)

4 dives€ 200.00
6 dives€ 270.00
8 dives€ 340.00
10 dives€ 385.00

FOR DIVE CLUBS we have special package prices for diving/accomodation, please contact us

Daily equipment rental for dive trips participants

Complete diving equipment (ws, reg, bcd, fins, mask, surface buoy)€ 25.00
Complete diving equipment with diving package or diving course (ws, reg, bcd, fins, mask, surface buoy)€ 20.00
Regulator€ 10.00
BCD€ 10.00
Computer€ 10.00
Torch€ 10.00
For more than 2 items rented€ 20.00
Surface ballon (SMB)€   2.00


Bubblemaker€ 135.00
Discover Scuba Diving€ 135.00
Discover Scuba Diving – Private Teaching€ 270.00
Scuba Diver (not incl. PADI material)€ 300.00
Open Water Diver eLearning method€ 385.00*
Open Water Diver eLearning-Private Teaching€ 770.00*
Referral IN Open Water Diver€ 350.00
Upgrade Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver€ 350.00
Advanced O.W.D. eLearning WITH NITROX Speciality€ 490.00
Advanced O.W.D eLearning method€ 340.00*
Adventure Diver (not incl. PADI material)€ 300.00
EFR adult & Care For Children€ 235.00
EFR adult & Care For Children & 02 Provider€ 330.00
PADI Oxygen (O2) Provider€ 150.00
Rescue Diver eLearning method€ 385.00*
Divemaster€ 950.00
Divemaster Internship Programemail us
Assistant Instructor€ 950.00
*Does not included eLearning registration fees to PADI


Underwater Naturalist Specialty€ 240.00
Deep Diving Specialty€ 335.00
Peak Performance Buoyancy  € 240.00
UW Digital Photography Speciality  € 250.00
DSAT Gas Blender  € 165.00
Nitrox Specialty  € 200.00
Fish Identification Speciality  € 240.00
Equipment Speciality  € 155.00
Self Reliant Diver  € 340.00
Side Mount Diver  € 340.00
*Does not included eLearning registration fees to PADI