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Barracudas in Spagi Sardegna

Diving Palau Sardinia

Lavezzi Corsica Nautilus Diving at Grouper cityThere are 40 dive sites to be visited around Palau Sardinia and the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the Reserve of Lavezzi. You may wish to check out our gallery for some photos of the dive sites in Palau Sardinia.

Diving Palau North Sardegna is best scuba diving destination in italy  and is in a  strategic location for scuba diving in Sardinia diving the northern part of Sardinia, we can easily reach all the dive sites in the Archipelago, while Lavezzi (Corsica) is just 12 miles from the harbour. Most of the dive sites can be reached in a few minutes or maximum 50 minutes. The presence of many islands and islets in the area offer us sheltered places to dive.

Diving La Maddalena Sardinia in the Archipelago and Bonifacio Strait is a wide shallow bottom area, the waters between the islands are no deeper than 70 meters. Such an extension of shallow and well lit bottoms, swept by currents, represent a perfect cradle for rich and diversified marine life. You will dive along enormous granite rocks, drop offs, overhangs, swim through, caves all covered by spectacular marine life, sea fans, sponges, tube worms. Those incredible landscapes offer habitats to a large variety of fishes, molluscs and crustaceans like moray eel, stone fish, breams, conger, barracudas, groupers, octopus, crabs, lobster and lots of nudibranches.

pic25Most of the sedimentary bottoms are covered with prairies of Posidonia Oceanica, a superior plant with flowers and fruits. The Posidonia Oceanica are huge nurseries to different species of fishes, crustaceans and molluscs.

For the wreck lovers there is the Angelika, a cargo ship lying in between 15 and 21 meters to a world war II bomber engine sitting at a depth of 22 meters.

Nearly all the dive sites are suitable for any level of certification.

The water temperature varies from 15 degrees celcius in early Spring and between 19 to 25 degrees in Summer and Autumn.

Angelika Wreck Dive Palau SardegnaOur daily dive trips start at 8h00. We leave the port early as we want to be the first at the dive site. We go out for two dives with a 1 hour surface interval, small snacks and drinks will be provided on board. We return to Palau by midday so you have the rest of the day for other activities or for a third dive.

We are proud to offer to all our guests a 5* service on board. All the diving equipment is prepared for you and changed over for your next dive and also packed for you.
For recent pictures of the diving here, we invite you to visit our photo gallery.

Fragile !

Marine environment, as any other natural environment, is delicate and fragile a clumsy fin stroke, a wrong movement can damage organisms which took years to grow and develop can be destroyed in an instance.

Nautilus Diving Center is member of the “La Maddalena National Park Association of Diving Tourism Operators” (C.O.T.S.): this association has obtained the environmental certifications ISO 14001 ed EMAS. This means that Nautilus Diving Centers adhering to the Association rules and procedures in order to minimize the environmental impact of our activities. You too will be required to respect the following rules, they are effective in every sea where you will dive and this will make you a responsible diver.

  • Good buoyancy control is required.
  • Do not touch or disturb anything.
  • Do not fish feed.
  • Never collect any organisms, even if they are dead, everything is recyclable in nature.
  • Do not throw any garbage into the sea. Collect any rubbish that you may see.
  • Increase your knowledge of the sea and its inhabitants by following recreational Marine Biology courses. The more you know, the more you respect sea life.
  • Dive operators that adhere to these rules, respect local and international environmental laws, that are actively involved in environmental protection.
  • Be a responsible tourist and diver, just leave bubbles.

PADI Diving Courses

Here is the range of Padi diving courses that we offer. They are all held in a professional manner following all the standards and procedures set forth by PADI. All the courses can be adjusted to suit your holiday, we also cater for the whole family as we hold all the dedicated equipment for children. All diving course’s need to be accompanied by a medical form.