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About the area

best diving in sardiniaPalau is in a small town located in the North of Sardinia Italy. It is the gateway for the best diving in Sardinia to the famous Marine Park of La Maddalena and Lavezzi Corsica. Capo D’Orso view point is great to see the whole area.

Beautiful coast line and beaches surround Palau and our Diving Center in Sardinia. Palau is at the opening door to the Costa Smeralda and diving la maddalena Sardegna.The Bonifacio Strait Lavezzi Corsica is surly one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean sea, the islands and islets shaped by the wind are scattered with crystal waters surrounding La Maddalena Archipelago and Lavezzi. The whole area represents a rich natural heritage with so many species living above and below the waters. Palau Diving and Diving La Maddalena and Lavezzi Corsica is rich in life.

The little quiet town of Palau will provide you with all the typical Sardinian delicacy, with little shops, relaxed bars and a wide choice of restaurants as well as three beaches walking distance from the center. The narrow streets are beautifully decorated with plant pots and flowers. One minute out of Palau you will find memorable sceneries of the Sardinian landscape with olive trees, wild flowers scatted in between those gigantic rocks which offer great walking opportunities.

Beside Scuba Diving, the area offers many places of interest to visit.

dive Lavezzi Corsica The historic monuments of Nuraghic (Nuraghi period XVIIIth/Vith b.c.) : The history that lived on the coast in ancient times has left it’s mark, especially by the monuments you can find around Palau. At Mount Canu , you can visit two “Tombs of the Giants”. The area of Arzachena a 15 minutes drive from Palau also holds lots of historic places to visit.

The most famous natural monument the “Capo D’Orso” is really worth a trip. This gigantic rock has a shape of a huge bear overlooking the sea hollowed out by the wind on top of the granite peak. This rock was in the ancient time a reference point for the Greek and Roman sailors and symbolizes Palau. This site gives you also a fantastic view on the Archipelago and good location for photos.

Among the interesting characteristics of the islands, there are the defensive fortifications built by the Savoia Government at the end of the XVIII Century.
For more information on the places to visit or what to do in the area you can contact the Tourism Office of Palau,

What about food !?!

After a great day diving, nothing better than a tasty meal with a nice glass (es!) of Sardinian wine ! There are lots of nice restaurants to choose from in Palau, here below are our favorites.

For a typical plate of pasta and wide choice of pizza, the budget and family restaurant “IL PORTICIOLLO” is well appreciated.

Sea food and fish delights is definetly at “LA TAVERNA”, romantic athmosphere and always the good humor du patron. Good selection of local wine. Located next to the diving center.